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A safe and efficient technology for exposing subsurface utilities that uses vacuum excavation to safely remove buried infrastructure and utilities.

  • The most safe and optimal approach for exposing subsurface services is non-destructive excavation. This method meticulously reveals underground infrastructure and services without causing any damage, utilizing high-pressure water to liquefy soil into a slurry. The slurry is then extracted into our truck tanks using a sophisticated vacuum system.

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Using radio frequencies to locate underground utilities.

  • Electromagnetic locating is a sophisticated and precise method employed to accurately identify and map subsurface utilities and infrastructure. This technology utilises electromagnetic signals to detect underground assets such as cables, pipes, and conduits. Furthermore, this technology enhances safety and efficiency, mitigating risks during our excavation practices. 

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The easiest and most effective method for clearing clogged drains, pipes and sewers.

  • Hydro jet cleaning is highly versatile, capable of accessing confined spaces and navigating through bends and corners with ease. By employing a robust stream of high-pressure water, it effectively dislodges obstructions across a spectrum of pipe sizes, surpassing the limitations of conventional methods.




Removing water from a construction site, both surface and subsurface.

  • Dewatering is the process of draining groundwater, which guarantees construction work can be done safely, prevents water from seeping into the site and potentially affecting engineering, and ensures the long-term integrity of the structure and surrounding environment. 

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Refilling potholes with sand, roadbase, and cold mix.

  • After non-destructive excavation work is finished, areas may need to be restored. Utilising advanced materials and proven techniques, we methodically repair potholes and prevent further deterioration. Our process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of roadways but also minimises the risk of accidents and vehicle damage associated with uneven surfaces.



The safe and efficient transport of liquid. 

  • Our largest vacuum truck is capable of transporting up to 9000 litres of liquid efficiently and securely. Additionally, we offer a Liquid Waste Disposal Bin, providing an impressive capacity of 12,000 litres. As a reputable provider, we prioritise safety and compliance. Our operations are fully licensed and regulated by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), ensuring strict adherence to environmental standards and protocols. 

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